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Flat Tie-on Type Face Mask Machine
Brand: Yisite
Code: YST-BDKZJ-001
Spec: Flat Face Mask Making Machine
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Color: Customized
Model: YST-BDKZJ-001
Desc: Full Automatic Flat Face Mask Making Machine
Product Details

Product Description:

    The tie-on mask machine is a flat mask machine designed and produced by our company independently. It uses ultrasonic welding to weld the non-woven fabric tie on both sides of the body of the flat mask, and then through the conveyor belt, through the folder edge wrapping , the ultrasonic wheel bonding, the strap cutting, and finally the finished product output process.

The complete process of the finished product of the tie-on mask only requires one person to manually feed the flat mask body onto the conveyor belt.It can be connected with the flat body machine to form a 1+1 flat mask production line to achieve full automatic production process.

Product Composition:

The tie-on face mask machine is composed of material feeding tray, rack (with worktable and mask), tie-on and wheel bonding forming part, mask outgoing part, power drive part, ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer system, electrical control part.




Body Material

Aluminium Alloy






50-60 PCS/M






1900L) X 730(W) X 1300(H)mm

Product features:

1. The whole machine is made of aluminium alloy, which has a beautiful appearance, is easy to clean and clean, and is anti-rust.

2. The tie-on mask machine automates the process with high efficiency, high capacity and labor saving.

3. Counting by photoelectric detection effectively controls the production efficiency and speed,   alarm and stop automatically when material shortage will save production costs.

4. The automatic tie-on mask machine is controlled by PLC, which can adjust the speed of the device, has stable performance and is easy to operate.

5. Folder feeding, more accurate positioning, can minimize the width of raw materials and save costs.

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