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Incredible! Little mask makes a political "big article"

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     Recently, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries have successively broke out "anti-mask marches".   CBS TV in the United States has specifically refuted the so-called "masks hiding antennas" rumors...   The issue of masks is very raging. In the   eyes of some people in the United States and the West, wearing or not wearing a mask   is more than just a matter. Scientific issues have been labeled as "big fuss" for political purposes, and they are getting worse.


The president of the National Institutes of Health, Collins, said bluntly: “The politicization of wearing masks is incredible.” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview: “It’s disappointing that the US government has so far It is even still questioning whether to implement the most basic epidemic prevention measure of wearing masks."

Under the superposition of multiple factors such as the epidemic, party disputes, and elections, in some countries in the United States and the West, wearing masks is largely politicized and symbolized. Encouraging the wearing of masks is equivalent to "cowardly", "offending personal freedom" and "inculcating fear", while refusing to wear a mask becomes a "fearless tough guy."

The American political news website politico commented that: In a highly polarized America, almost anything can be politicized.

There are also some ulterior motives that often associate wearing masks with Asian countries. At the beginning of the epidemic, racial discrimination against Asians frequently occurred. It can be said that the problem of wearing masks further exposed the racial prejudice in the United States and the West. In the eyes of some people, I have the "freedom" not to wear a mask, but you cannot "wear a mask".

It is worth noting that rejecting masks is not their consistent attitude. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics and when the Hong Kong storm in 2019 was fermented, they seemed very willing to use masks to cover their faces.

The epidemic is raging for a long time, and the "big discussion" about whether to wear a mask is a cliché. Regarding the clamored "anti-mask parade", there are only two maxims:

Emancipate the mind and seek truth from facts.

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