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3 ply Disposable High Speed Full Auto Mask Machine 80-90 pcs/min
Brand: Yisite
Code: YST-PMKZ-003
Spec: 1+1 Automatic Flat Face Mask Making Machine
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Color: Customized
Model: YST-PMKZ-003
Desc: 1+1 Flat Face Mask Production Line
Product Details

1. Name: 1+1 flat face mask making machine

2. Brief introduction:

The 1 + 1 full-automatic flat mask production line is to   connect a mask body machine with a turnover machine, and then connect it with an ear-loop welding machine   through the turnover machine. When the machine is   started,the mask body machine produces products, which are then transported to the turnover machine by the conveyor belt, and then the turnover machine transmits the mask to the ear-loop welding machine for ear loop   dissolving. So as to complete an ear loop, the whole process of the finished mask can realize the automatic production process without manual operation, i.e. one body machine and one ear loop welding machine are connected, and the output can reach 80 pieces / minute.

3. Components: the main components of the equipment are cylinder, servo motor, stepper motor, ultrasonic, photoelectric testing raw materials, aluminum alloy structure, to ensure the   high stability and low failure rate in process of production.Our assembling procedure is repeatedly tested and assembled.

2. Performance characteristics

1. Automatic production, ultrasonic welding, high stability;

2. According to the customer's requirements, we can achieve multi-functional machine with high precision,   automatic collection of finished products and high output;

3. The automatic mask machine adopts photoelectric detection, with high reliability, low failure rate and photoelectric material breaking detection;

4. The machine is small in size and small in floor area. The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy, beautiful, solid and rust free;

5. Intelligent induction, which can affect the normal production (such as: no material, abnormal ultrasonic, etc.) automatically shut down;

6. The flat mask machine is controlled by PLC program, with high output and strong reliability;

7. Changing the mold can produce many kinds of masks.

3. Technical parameters of equipment

This machine is a full automatic production flat medical mask machine, including automatic feeding, aluminum belt (nose wire) insertion, aluminum belt (nose line) cutting, folding, ultrasonic fusion, body cutting, automatic separation, spot welding ear belt, cutting finished product collection, etc.

1. Body material: aluminum alloy

2. Air pressure: 6kg / cm2

3.Voltage: single-phase 220V (customized according to   customers)

4. Power: 11kw

5. Control mode: PLC control

6. Production speed: 80 pieces / min (depending on the material thickness, the production speed will be slightly different)

7. Overall appearance (mm): l4800 x w2800 x h1900 (the exact dimension is subject to the actual machine)


Technical Parameter

Body Material

Aluminum Alloy

Air Pressure

6 Kg/CM2


Single Phase 220V(Or Customized



Control Mode

PLC Controlling


80-90 pcs/mSlightly difference depending on the thickness of raw materiel   


L4800 X W2800 X H1900(subject to   actual machine

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