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Flat Outer Ear Loop Welding Machine
Brand: Yisite
Code: YST-WEDHJ-001
Spec: Flat Outer Ear Loop Welding Machine
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Color: Customized
Model: YST-WEDHJ-001
Desc: Flat Outer Ear Loop Welding Machine
Product Details

Brief Introduction

      The automatic ear loop welding machine utilizes ultrasonic dissolving the ear loop on inside or outside of the mask body to form a whole automatic production line. Operators feed mask body in fixture and the machine's subsequent action automatically completes the finishued prodct production.




2. Parameters

1.Body: Aluminium Alloy


3.Voltage:Single Phase 220V(Or Customized)


5.Control:PLC Controlling

6.Output: 50-60 PCS/M(Slightly difference depending on the raw materal thicknes)

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